Boston College Symposia

The Boston College Symposia take place bi-annually and are connected to Prof. Lorenz Reibling’s two BC courses “Resistance: Call to Action” and “Hitler, the Churches and the Holocaust”.


April 2018: In the Eye of the Storm: Resistance to Nazi Oppression
During the Third Reich religion was manipulated by the Nazi leaders. Voices of resistance challenged the injustice of the government, often at great peril to their lives. 


October 2017: A Holocaust Symposium - Genocide and the Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses
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April 2017: Japanese American Exclusion, Incarceration and Resettlement after 75 Years:
Lessons for a Democracy on the Edge


April 2016: "Never Too Young to be a Hero - Three Young Women and their Stories of Confronting Nazi Terror
In opposition to the Third Reich, students and child resisters faced torture, imprisonment, concentration camp or death. Hans and Sophie Scholl of the White Rose as well as Cato Bontjes van Beek of the Red Orchestra defied authorities by distributing leaflets to awaken the German citizens to the oppressive regime. All were accused of treason and guillotined. Jehovah's Witnesses, young and old, were also targeted and suffered serious repercussions for their faith. All these youths exhibited profound moral courage.

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Oct 2015: Taking the Stand - We Have More to Say
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March 2015: Legally blind – Law, Ethics, and the Third Reich
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Nov 2014: Memory and the Shoah

April 2014: Norwegian Teachers Resistance to Nazi Occupation

Nov 2013: Artistic Representation of the Holocaust- In Remembrance of Kristallnacht 1938: 75th Anniversary
Professor Reibling and Professor John J. Michalczyk moderated a symposium exploring artistic representations of the Holocaust. The event, on November 6, was in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht in 1938. Participants explored by means of scholarly and artistic presentations how artists have represented the horrors of the Holocaust in various aesthetic forms, including painting, music, poetry and film.

April 2013: “Armed and Moral Resistance,” Play: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 
– Suzanne Klingenstein
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October 2012: Holocaust Symposium “Europe in Crisis: The Moral Challenge of Living under Nazi Rule”

February 2011: Resistance in Nazi Germany
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October 2010: A Holocaust Program: The Industrialization of the Holocaust: Never Again?



Human Rights Events

“A Chronicle of Hope—Revisiting the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda”
April 2019, Atlanta

On April 4, 2019, at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia, survivors of the Rwanda Genocide reflected on the genocide and spoke about the urgent message it conveys for citizens of the world today. Professor Lorenz Reibling compared the societal collapse in Nazi Germany and Rwanda.


Books & Documentaries



Co-sponsored by LLRFF


Tharcisse Seminega: No Greater Love- How my Family Survived the Genocide in Rwanda, GM&A Publishing, 2019.
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Interview with Tharcisse Seminega

John J. Michalczyk (ed.): Confront! Resistance in Nazi Germany, Peter Lang Publishing, NY, 2003.

Dr. Joern Guenther: The Art of the Book: A Journey through a Thousand Years - John J. Burns Library; John J. Burns Library, Boston edition (2000)
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Lorenz Reibling is executive producer and/or LLRFF is co-sponsor of the following documentaries:



Unwitnessed and Untold (2016) - Director Matt Michienzie

Nazi Law: Legally Blind (2016) – Director John Michalczyk
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The Name of God DVD (2014) - Director: Fritz Poppenberg- Drei Linden Filmproduktion
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The Warsaw Ghetto, 1940-1943 – Historical Narrative and Yiddish Songs Live Performance April 17, 2013. 
Program Development: Susanne Klingenstein

Who Takes Away the Sins: Witnesses to Clergy Abuse (2013) - Director: Susan and John Michalzcyk
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Ladder in the Lion’s Den (2012) - Directors: Bernhard Rammerstorfer, A Ferenc Gutai
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Writing on the Wall: Remembering the Berlin Wall (2009) - Directors: John Michalzcyk, Ronald Marsh
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Knocking (2006) - Directors: Joel Engardi, Tom Shepard
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Confronting Amnesia: Frozen Memories of the Russian Gulag – Director John Michalczyk
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In the Shadow of the Reich: Nazi Medicine/ The Cross and the Star (2004) – Director John J. Michalczyk
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Theater & Dance

Co-sponsored by LLRFF

A Case Named Freud 2015 (Goethe Institute and Boston College) - Israeli Stage
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The Strawberry Girl 2015 Israeli Stage, translated by Anthony Berris, at the Goethe-Institute Boston followed by performances at NewBridge on the Charles, Boston College
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2015 Support for Dance performance in Mali by Anikaya - Wendy Jehlen, led to performance "Entangling" with Burkino Faso-based choreographer Lacina Coulibaly. Performances at the Boston Center for the Arts and the Institute for Contemporary Arts, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Boston Globe Review of “Entangling”

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 2013 – Suzanne Klingenstein (Goethe Institut), April 19, 2013 On April 19, 2013, from 6-7:30pm Klingenstein, Gerstein and Michaux presented their narrative and musical program about the Warsaw Ghetto at the Goethe Institut (170 Beacon Street, Boston). Noted cellist Ronald Crutcher, the President of Wheaton College, and Eugenia Gerstein played a section from “Jewish Life” by Ernest Bloch.
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