Support KarmaFlights' Cause to Rebuild Nepal

KarmaFlights is a project of the Cloudbase Foundation, based in Pokhara, Nepal. is on the ground and one of the main organizations distributing supplies in the Gorka region, close to the epicenter of the earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015. 

With the help of LLRFF and many other donors, Karmaflights responded to the massive April and May earthquakes by jumping into action and making a real difference in the lives of tens-of-thousands of people. 

·  Basic Needs: 

KarmaFlights brought approx. 32 tons of food, plus fresh water, shelter, and medical supplies into remote villages by foot, jeep, motorbike, helicopter and pack animal. They provided nearly 400 temporary shelters for families, hundreds of water filtration systems for safe drinking water, and solar lights/charging stations to villages without power. 


·  Medical Care: 

KarmaFlights set up a field hospital and served over 300 patients, restocked 4 health posts with medical supplies, and funded additional transport and hospital care/surgery for 14 patients with life-threatening conditions. They distributed warm winter clothing to 1400 school children in high-altitude mountain villages, critical for reducing respiratory and other exposure-related illnesses resulting from living in temporary shelters.

·  Education: 

KarmaFlights built 4 temporary schools, provided 18 schools with school supplies, and committed to 62 long-term full-scholarships for impoverished children who lost a close family member to the quake. They also distributed warm clothes, blankets, shoes and earthquake-safety-instruction coloring books and crayons to over 2500 students in remote mountain villages. 

·  Rebuilding & Resiliency: 

They hired a bulldozer to clear trails impacted by landslides; coordinated a large-scale hydro-project which restored clean and sufficient water to a village suffering a cholera outbreak; and funded the epicenter area church (used as their emergency supply-distribution center) to repair their earthquake damage, build a retaining wall against monsoon floods, and employ a full-time nursery school teacher.


Karmaflights also supports long-term efforts including hot-lunch programs in schools, vulture conservation, a village-buffalo program (purchasing a buffalo for villagers to share milk), educational scholarships, waste management programs, and health camps. They have provided smoke-free stoves to all 137 homes in the village of Arnakot Deurali, trained locals to build homes out of earthquake-resistant earthbags, and installed a solar-powered computer lab.

In 2016 they've committed to building 3 permanent schools in the epicenter region of Gorkha District, as well as 22 libraries. KarmaFlights will select an additional 55-70 long-term scholarship students, for support through to university level.

The organization has three full-time Nepali staff and a driver. All foreign staff, are volunteers. With this lean social-enterprise structure, they ensure the maximum impact of every donor dollar. Their foremost principle, is the vigilant maintenance of highest ethical and moral standards, in all their work. You can learn more and donate online at A full 95% of your donation goes directly to their projects on the ground in Nepal, with only 5% overhead costs. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support, together we can build a bright future for the children of Nepal.